M20T Wireless Bluetooth Tactical Earplug

M20T Wireless Bluetooth Tactical Earplug

EARMOR® M20T is an in-ear electronic hearing protectors that effectively suppress hazardous noise above 82dB as well as improve situational awareness and communication in noisy environments at the same time. Wireless Bluetooth feature allows freely listen to music, answer or reject calls, share communication and entertainment diversity. With stand-by time of 8 hours when fully charged, it has voice prompts and low battery prompts for convenience. Compared with traditional tactical protectors, it is more lightweight and easy-carrying.

Applicable scene:

Industry (oil & gas), Mining, Automobile Manufacturing, Construction, Product Manufacturing, Forestry, Machine Maintenance, Military Missions, Outdoor Sports, Transportation

Wireless 5.3

Lower power consumption, longer battery life, better signal

Ambient sound and Wireless hybrid

Noise reduction, pickup and Wireless BT 5.3, dual modes can be
used at the same time

Fast reaction core

When hearing sharp noise, such as gunshots, it instantly suppresses ambient sounds within 0.5 milliseconds, protecting the user’s hearing from damage.

Clear voice tracking

Self and surrounding vocal tracking and optimization, and
acoustic design.

Feedback problem control

Improve the internal pickup and whistling of the earbuds

Sigle button control

Operates in any extreme environment

Multi scene switch

  1. Outdoor mode – maximum sound and maximum distance
  2. Indoor mode – normal hearing and segment distance
  3. Silent mode – listen to Wireless audio or call

Auto connect

  1. Auto on/off, pick up/back to case
  2. Auto search Wireless when it is on
  3. Auto reconnect Wireless