EARMOR Shows Up At LAAD Brazil

EARMOR Shows Up At LAAD Brazil

Guess where we’re heading next? That’s right, it’s the vibrant and energetic Brazil! The EARMOR team is all geared up and ready to attend the LAAD Defence & Security at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil, from April 2nd to 4th, 2024.

Our booth is: F22

About LAAD

LAAD, which started in 2012, is organized by the original team behind the LAAD Brazil Defense Exhibition (Latin America’s top defense exhibition). It takes place annually in Rio de Janeiro, focusing on defense and security (LAAD Defence & Security), with defense comprising 70% and security-related aspects comprising 30%. In alternate years, it is held in São Paulo, concentrating on security and defense (LAAD Security & Defence), with security accounting for 40% and emphasizing bulk government procurement, security, homeland security, criminal investigation, law enforcement, and defense comprising 60%. The exhibition is strongly supported by various Brazilian governmental departments including the Ministry of Defense, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, military police, military units, law enforcement agencies, Ministry of Homeland Security, and fire departments. It is considered the top security and defense exhibition in Latin America, held biennially.

The last edition featured 105 exhibitors from 14 countries, covering 8313 square meters, attracting 8350 professional visitors from 44 countries, including 454 government and military representatives, hosting 308 conferences, and welcoming 17 VIP delegations from 13 Latin American countries.

What is expected from EARMOR

As a professional brand deeply rooted in the field of noise-canceling communication for many years, EARMOR has always been committed to developing high-quality, high-performance hearing protection headsets.

For this exhibition, we will showcase a range of the latest and most popular headsets. These headsets not only inherit EARMOR’s consistent high-quality standards but also undergo comprehensive upgrades in noise-canceling technology, communication stability, and other aspects to meet the usage needs in different scenarios.

M300A/T Digital Hearing Protector

Product Features

  • One-touch operation design
  • Amplify ambient sound
  • Ergonomic design
  • NRR23
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 technology (M300T)
M300A/T received high praise and orders at IWA

M31/M32 PLUS Tactical Communication Hearing Protection Headsets

Product Features

  • NRR 22
  • EMI filtering system to suppress electromagnetic interference
  • Dynamic voice tracking technology to improve voice recognition
  • Upgraded modular design for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Gel ear pads for comfortable long-term wear
8 color options

M20T Electronic Hearing Protection Bluetooth Earplugs

Product Features

  • Bluetooth 5.3 technology
  • NRR 26
  • Single-button operation
  • Small and lightweight
  • 8 hours of long battery life

M32X Mark3 Professional Tactical Communication Headset

  • ARC adapters to improve helmet rail expandability
  • Ergonomic design philosophy allows for 360° adjustment, maintaining seal with user’s head movement
  • Equipped with a detachable microphone for personalized adaptation

We look forward to deepening exchanges and cooperation with experts, scholars, and industry colleagues in the global defense equipment field through this exhibition, jointly promoting the innovation and development of defense equipment technology.

We will timely release exhibition-related information through the EARMOR official account on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/earmor_official/

To all EARMOR fans in Brazil, we’ll be waiting for you at F22 from April 2nd to 4th, 2024, in São Paulo, Brazil!